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WowUltra is based on WowBB and therefore has all the primary features of WowBB which can be found HERE. WowUltra has additional enhancements, most of which are listed below.

Additional User Controls

Private Message Enhancements
  • Users can delete all of the private messages in any folder they choose.
  • A convenient "check all" box selects the entire column on the page being viewed.
  • Small spinning animation to alert members of unread private messages.
  • There is now a "Saved Box" in the private message area.

Logged in as Admin -  You have 1 new message

Quick Reply
  • "Quick Reply" feature that disappears when logged out

Custom User Title
  • User can create their own custom title that replaces their group title over the avatar in posts.
  • Admins can select which groups are allowed custom titles in the groups permissions area.


Welcome Back Greeting with Users Avatar
  • Prompts guests to register when they visit, displays users avatar when they log in. Guest name is a link to the registration.

Who Visited Today
  • A list of who visited since Midnight server time.

Additional Admin controls

Easy Group Color Picker

  • User group color selection made easy! Just click in the colored cell and you can select one of 216 pre defined colors. Don't see a color you like? Enter the hex code manually!
  • The "show" column selects which groups get displayed on the legend inside the "Who's Online" area.

Emoticon Uploader
  • WowUltra makes it easy to upload emoticons. No knowledge of FTP is needed, upload directly from your home computer up to 5 smilies at a time!
  • Emoticons are sorted by file name alphabetically. You can use this to arrange the order in which they appear in the list to the left of the text editor.

User Theme Override Control
  • This will allow admins to bind all members to a single theme. When selected the option to change themes in their "My Account/ Preferences" disappears and the board theme becomes the default theme for all members.

Other Features include:
  • "Check All" tick box in every area that has multiple boxes to check for users and admins.
  • "Breadcrumb" links at top and bottom in all needed areas.
  • Editing a post takes you back to the post instead of the beginning of the thread.
  • New layout in the standard theme (called "Ultra") with split categories, completely reworked topic area, too much to list!

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